THINK Recognition

Recently, The Niello Company DSC_0127hosted the 2016 Longevity Awards Dinner at the timeless and elegant Sutter Club. The Niello Company’s annual Longevity Awards recognizes employees for their years of service, in five year increments. With over 100 employees in attendance, there was much cause for celebration.

At this year’s awards dinner, 108 employees DSC_0137received a pin, accumulating 765 years of service!  One pin recipient was Rick Niello himself, being honored with a 40 year pin, presented by his father, Richard Niello Sr. In 1995, Rick Niello took the reins of the company from his father, and became President.  His brother, David Niello, is Vice President of The Niello Company and his third brother, Roger Niello, currently serves as Secretary of the Company.

In addition to Rick Niello earning a pin, 29 DSC_0081employees were recognized for 5 years of continuous employment, 9 employees for 10 years, 8 employees for 15 years, 5 employees for 20 years, 6 employees for 25 years (Michelle Meyer of The Management Office, Bruce Pettit of Acura, KC Ramos of Volvo, Chuck Towle of Acura, Janet Welling of BMW Elk Grove, and Jeret Williams of BMW Elk Grove), 2 employees for 30 years (Scott DSC_0124Glackin of BMW Sacramento and Ralph Velasques of Volkswagen), as well as Peter Maston, who also received a 40 year pin for his years of service with The Niello Company.

The entire evening was filled with food, laughter and celebration. The Niello Company had a lot to celebrate; a look at 2015, earning the title of Best Place to Buy a Car by the readers of Sacramento Magazine, Best Place to Work (Large DSC_0040Company) by Sacramento Business Journal, and Best Dealership to Work For by Automotive News, an excitement for the present, a brand new dealership which opened on Arden Way, housing Niello Maserati and Niello Alfa Romeo, and an appreciation for the future, seeing all of these dedicated employees continue their hard work for many years to come.

Thank you to all of our employees for their wonderful commitment to The Niello Company.


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THINK generation Y

The Niello Company welcomes Jason Dorsey

The Niello Company welcomes Jason Dorsey to Sacramento

Jason Dorsey, acclaimed Millennials keynote speaker, aka the Gen Y Guy ®, was recently invited to speak in front of The Niello Company at a private engagement held at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Jason Dorsey is known for generation-based problem solving, and most recently his unique research team, The Center for Generational Kinetics, has conducted quantitative and qualitative research uncovering unexpected Millennial behaviors, trends, and new generational truths.

“We believe generations are not a box, but powerful clues that drive measurable results… We discover what works to make the most of every generation—whether customer, influencer or employee—with an emphasis on Millennials and Generation Y. We then explore why a specific strategy or insight works and how you can benefit from that knowledge. The outcome is cutting-edge insight, ready-to-use actions and thought leadership for our clients around the world.” – Jason Dorsey

Jason's selfie tweet with Rick Niello

Jason’s selfie tweet with Rick Niello

The Niello Company first discovered Jason in Chicago at an event where four Niello dealerships placed in the 2014 Automotive News: Best Dealerships to Work For. There, he spoke to the top 100 dealerships in the country about cross-generational communication and bridging generational gaps, from Traditionalists (born pre-1946), to Baby Boomers (1946-1964), to Generation X (1965-1976) and Generation Y (1977-1995, or Millennials), as well as the forthcoming Generation I (those born post-1995).

Generation diverse, The Niello Company employs more than 650 individuals spanning all five generations currently in the workforce. Millennials, or Generation Y (37 years old and younger), compose nearly half of the company structure (49.54%), with Generation X (38-49 years old) at 26.90%, Baby Boomers (50-68 years old) at 22.19%, and Traditionalists (69 years and older) at 1.37%.

@jasondorsey #millennials

@jasondorsey #millennials

Jason’s insightful and often humorous presentation was called “Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations to Grow Your Business” and involved Niello employee interaction throughout. Generation Y himself and “technology-dependent” as he liked to phrase it (not “technology-savvy” as is often misconstrued with his generation, and more of a Generation X trait) he asked the audience to tweet throughout his presentation at @jasondorsey #millennials, and posed for a photo-op for those with smartphones to capture his wittiness and share across social media. Hundreds of phones rose in the air and did just that. For a little over two hours, Jason unlocked generational power within The Niello Company, speaking without a script, without a slideshow, yet able to hold everyone in the theater captivated from beginning to end, with smiles on faces and much laughter.

The Center for Generational Kinetics defines a generation as “a segment of a geographically linked population that experienced similar social and cultural events at roughly the same time in their maturation” with members of the same generation often sharing similar beliefs, priorities, preferences, buying patterns, communication habits, and workplace styles.  Such generational information is key for a company whose core values include “We are a team,” “We embrace change,” “We encourage self-improvement” and “We respect each other.” And with both customer interaction and community involvement held at such a high level at Niello dealerships, the information Jason shared will be put to good use.

After the end of the presentation, Jason thanked the automotive industry in general for helping develop who he was as a person, and for the opportunity to give something back by providing such informative information about generations within The Niello Company workplace. For more information on Jason Dorsey and The Center for Generational Kinetics, follow along on Facebook at, or on Twitter @jasondorsey #millennials.

Niello Selfie

Niello Selfie

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THINK perfect drive, part 2

The Perfect Drive

Follow Ed Crane from KFBK News Radio (92.5FM / AM1530) once again as he tours The Niello Company dealerships on his journey to find the perfect drive in his video series The Perfect Drive – In search of the best cars money can buy. In addition to the ten previously-reviewed vehicles, Ed has reviewed another eight, including the 2014 Acura MDX, 2014 Porsche Panamera, 2014 Jaguar F-Type, 2014 Maserati Ghibli, 2015 Audi A3, 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop, 2014 Range Rover Evoque, and the electric 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3: While visiting Niello BMW Sacramento, Ed took the electric BMW i3 for a ride, a vehicle offering an environment-friendly dashboard made out of recycled plastic bottles and eucalyptus (a tree that regenerates itself after being cut), as well as 170 horsepower and a range of 160-180 miles per charge with an available Range Extender. “I’ve owned a BMW for three years now and it really is a terrific vehicle to drive, and I thought to myself, ‘What could they do better?’ How about the most sustainable perfect ride you’ve probably ever been in?”

2014 Range Rover Evoque: “This is a vehicle that is going to turn heads,” Ed states about the 2014 Range Rover Evoque after stopping by Land Rover Rocklin. The fully-automatic 9-speed Evoque “can accommodate just about any kind of driving condition. Whatever your need is, this vehicle seems to be able to fit. If you are someone who likes the outdoors, who likes sumptuous feeling of a really nice, well-appointed cockpit… if you are the type of person who likes safety, who likes power when you need it, cargo when you need it, a sporty look, and safe features, this could be your perfect drive.”

2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop: In his first visit to Niello MINI since the new location opened, he discovered a “big store, small car, but big things come in small packages,” he says, referring to both the building and the latest MINI Cooper Hardtop, a vehicle referred to as’ the next evolution of a classic,’ with a TwinPower Turbo engine in every model, and new tricks up its sleeve. “There’s a lot to like in this MINI. There’s a lot of bells and whistles. You’re in a vehicle that’s perky, and gets 40-42 miles to a gallon.”

2015 Audi A3: This time around, Ed tested ‘luxury without compromise,’ the all-new Audi A3 at Niello Audi, a vehicle that is smart, stunning, agile… and now a sedan. “With this vehicle, it’s not just about what’s under the hood, but what’s inside the cockpit. If you love technology, you will love this vehicle, because it’s a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot that will keep you connected for as long as you drive. And with voice commands, you can keep your hands on the wheel.”

2014 Maserati Ghibli: At Maserati of Sacramento, Ed drove the Maserati Ghibli, ‘the absolute opposite of ordinary,’ a vehicle that, like the first Ghibli launched back in 1967, is a family sedan that captivates with its strong personality. “It’s interesting… you’ve got this roar of the engine when you’re accelerating, but then when you throttle back a little bit, you don’t hear them anymore; it’s almost like it’s telling you, ‘Okay, I’m ready to go, I ‘ve got you where you want to go, now kick back.’ This is a very approachable Maserati. The styling is here. The engineering is here. A lot of bang for the buck.”

2014 Jaguar F-Type: Adjacent to Niello Maserati is Jaguar Sacramento, where he took the new Jaguar F-Type for a test drive, a vehicle that Consumer Reports says “…stopped me in my tracks. Open-mouthed jaw-dropping trance. Literally.” Ed’s reaction was not much different: “This is the new F-Type, as in fast, as in fun… It’s quick. It’s very, very quick. This is the perfect drive for somebody who really likes driving, who really likes the noise of a great sports car, who really likes the air flowing throw their hair. This is what a sports car is meant to be.”

2014 Porsche Panamera: Ed’s visit to Niello Porsche. “This is the Porsche Panamera, and if you’ve ever driven one you have to ask yourself one question: ‘Can there be anything better than this?’ If you want a car that says, ‘you’ve arrived,’ and you want to arrive, in luxury, and you want to arrive with some of your friends, and you want to take whatever the road gives you, curves, flat-out speed… this is the vehicle for you.”

2014 Acura MDX: Last but not least, he visited Niello Acura to drive the Acura MDX, a vehicle he says, “is made for mankind.” “Now I know what you’re thinking: big vehicle, it’s a crossover, it’s a gas-guzzler… ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. You get more than 20 miles per gallon around town, and do much better on the highway. What do I like about the MDX? Just about everything I’ve seen. This could be your perfect drive.”

Check out the first set of reviews in the first of this series: THINK perfect drive.

* Follow Ed Crane on Twitter @EdCrane1 or @ThePerfectDrive, or on Facebook at

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THINK best place to work, 3 years in a row

Best Dealerships to Work For 2014

Automotive News compiled their third annual list of the 100 Best Dealerships to Work For in the United States and Canada, and for the third year in a row, four Niello dealerships have been recognized with this honor. With over 23,000 dealerships in North America, that is quite an accomplishment. 11 dealerships were chosen to represent California this year, an increase from last year’s 8, marking The Niello Company once again as a great place to work.

Under the leadership of Matt Phelan (General Manager), Niello Audi returned for a second year in a row. Jaguar / Land Rover Sacramento, winner of the inaugural award in 2012, returned this year under the direction of Richard Farler (General Manager). Niello Porsche, who ranked #8 in the top 100 the first year (the only California dealership to break the top 10), is now led by Todd English (General Manager) and has received this recognition every year since inception, along with Land Rover Rocklin, led by Eric Niello (General Manager). These four Niello dealerships were also the only Sacramento dealerships to make the list. Past winners also include Niello Volkswagen and Niello BMW Elk Grove, for a total of six Niello dealerships receiving this recognition over the last three years.

The list identifies dealerships that excel in workplace satisfaction, talent retention and fair treatment of employees. Automotive News works with the Best Companies Group to conduct assessments and work off questionnaires completed by participating employers and their employees. Earlier in the year, the Best Companies Groupemailed Niello employees an Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey, which asked questions about organizational leadership, planning, culture, communications, work environment, supervisor relationship, training and development resources, pay and benefits, and overall employment experience. “What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?” and “What can this organization do to increase your satisfaction and productivity as an employee?” were asked as well.

According to Automotive News, “this was a tremendously competitive year with a record number of participants,” with competition rising every year, “thus being named to the list is an important distinction.”

A list of the 100 Best Dealerships To Work For was published in Automotive News on July 7th. On October 15th, the top dealerships’ ranking will be revealed at the Best Dealerships To Work For gala awards dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, with their October 20th issue profiling all of this year’s top rated dealerships.

BDTWF Awards

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THINK food drive

A Drive to Give

A Drive to Give binsFor the third year in a row, Niello employees, clients and vendors jumped into the holiday spirit by participating in The Niello Company’s annual A Drive to Give holiday food drive. All 13 Niello dealerships and the Niello Collision Center accepted non-perishable food items throughout the holiday season. From November 22nd until December 20th, 2013, food was collected in specially-marked bins for four local food banks: Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, Placer Food Bank, Elk Grove Food Bank Services, and Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano.

A Drive to Give Food Banks

MINI holiday lights tourThe Niello Company is proud to support the community and partner with the local food banks in the surrounding areas this year. Many Niello locations brought friendly competition to the table, with offers such as a pound of food per “like” on Facebook, 100% matching of customer-donated food items by department managers, and other creative means of bringing in a record amount of food this holiday season. Niello MINI, for example, hosted a holiday lights driving tour, inviting guests to bring non-perishable food items with them for donation.

“The Food Bank depends on the generosity of the community to make our work possible. We are lucky that The Niello Company is helping us collect the food we need to help our neighbors. Their donations will make a big difference in our community.” – Larry Sly, Executive Director of Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano

“Our community is incredibly appreciative of the support we receive from the food drive hosted by The Niello Company during the holiday season. Items collected during this drive will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the families we serve.” – Blake Young, President/CEO of Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

A Drive to Give Headquarters

The Niello Company’s corporate headquarters provided P.O.D. storage, where dealership representatives steadily delivered donations on a weekly basis. By the end of the food drive, the bin was brimming with food. On December 20th, employees of the Niello management team, alongside volunteer ambassadors from the various Niello dealerships, loaded four delivery vehicles to disperse the collected food to the four food banks.

A Drive to Give Volunteers

With a record number of donations this year, The Niello Company’s annual A Drive to Give campaign collected roughly 7,500 non-perishable food items, weighing in at over 4,500 pounds! Even after the December 20th delivery, over 1,500 additional pounds of food was collected and donated, for a grand total of nearly three tons.

“It has been exciting and inspiring to watch how acts of individual generosity, from throughout our region, can add up to make a huge difference in the lives of people who really need the help.” – Rick Niello, President of The Niello Company

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THINK top 100 in the nation


Automotive News heat map of the top 100

Automotive News recently compiled their second annual list of the 100 Best Dealerships to Work For in the United States and Canada, and for the second year in a row, four Niello dealerships have been recognized with this honor. Out of over 23,000 dealerships in North America, that is quite an accomplishment, especially considering only 8 dealerships were chosen to represent California, with a majority of dealerships residing on the eastern side of the United States.

In the 2012 inaugural event, award recipients included Niello Porsche, Jaguar / Land Rover Sacramento, Land Rover Rocklinand Niello Volkswagen, with Niello Porsche ranked #8 in the top 100. This year, repeats of this recognition were awarded to Niello Porsche (#11) and Land Rover Rocklin (#89), while Niello Audi (#78) and Niello BMW Elk Grove (#44) made the list for the first time. Out of the top 100 dealerships this year, 28 were recognized two years in a row, 4 of those being Niello dealerships.

Award Ceremony

2013 Award Ceremony

“A larger, more competitive pool of applicants undoubtedly made it tougher to repeat. And some repeating dealerships returned at lower rankings than last year. But nine rose in the rankings.” – Automotive NewsTaking into account the various manufacturers represented in this study, Niello Porsche was ranked as the top Porsche dealership in the nation for employee satisfaction two years in a row, Land Rover Rocklin as the second highest representing the Land Rover brand, Niello Audi as the third highest for all Audi dealerships, and Niello BMW Elk Grove as the top-ranked BMW dealership in the country.

Best Dealerships to Work For

Best Dealerships to Work For 2013

Eric Niello, General Manager of Land Rover Rocklin, was interviewed by Automotive News about changes in response to staff requests: “Employees wanted a stronger outlet for communication within the dealership and the company as a whole. In response, management created an employee newsletter highlighting topics including coming events, customer feedback, industry news and human resources bulletins.” Todd English, General Manager of Niello Porsche, commented on training: “All new employees are sent to a daylong orientation that reviews the business fundamentals of the company, including our core values, mission statement and company history. Each employee leaves this training with a better understanding of the dealership operations, not only from a business standpoint, but also with a foundation of values based on the philosophy that drives the company.” Matt Phelan, General Manager of Niello Audi, covered employee value: “Niello Audi has a program that identities an employee of the quarter. This individual is nominated by his or her peers, selected by management and represents the core values of the company and makes a positive impact on the business. At the end of the year, one employee is named employee of the year.” Matt Ryan, General Manager of Niello BMW Elk Grove during the time of the study (now serving as General Manager for the Niello BMW Sacramento and Niello MINI locations), was interviewed about advancement opportunities: “Niello BMW Elk Grove takes pride in promoting from within, and continuously looks for individuals driven by success.”

Matt Ryan, General Manager

Matt Ryan, General Manager

Unique to The Niello Company, representatives from the organization were asked to speak at the Automotive News 100 Best Dealerships to Work For event in Chicago since inception, and to also serve on panels covering employee retention, longevity, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. Last year, Rick Niello, President of The Niello Company, spoke to the top 100 dealerships about “being in the people business.” Such recognition not only makes Niello dealerships a great place to work, but a great place to buy a car. Matt Ryan spoke on behalf of The Niello Company this year to echo the importance of focusing on the people with whom you work. He introduced a new video about the heritage and philosophy of The Niello Company, which awed the crowd.

Panel: Best Practices in Employee Retention

Panel: Best Practices in Employee Retention

Panel sessions throughout the event discussed employee compensation, benefits, retention and turnover in an overall analysis of data from all regions of the United States and Canada, covering 350,000 payroll records submitted by 2,500 dealerships. Best practices in employee retention were covered. The Niello Company was asked to take part in a panel that included Adam Arens, owner of Patriot Subaru, our very own Matt Ryan (pictured), and Larry Zinn, General Manager of the Warren Henry Group of auto dealers. “How do you retain employees in an ultra-competitive world?” Such questions were answered in what was listed on the program as “A lesson in retention from the best dealers in the country.”

The Niello Crew

The Niello Crew

After a formal dinner to celebrate top 100 Best Dealerships to Work For, a Gala Awards Presentation recognized each of these dealerships individually, with representatives from each brought onto the stage to accept the award, grouped by dealership size: small (25-49 employees), medium (50-99 employees) and large (100 or more employees). The Small Dealerships category included two-time recipients Niello Porsche (ranked #8 of 42), award accepted by Martin Camsey, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Niello Company, and Land Rover Rocklin (ranked #36 of 42), award accepted by Eric Niello, General Manager. The Medium Dealership category included first-time recipients Niello Audi (ranked #36 of 44), award accepted by Matt Phelan, General Manager, and Niello BMW Elk Grove (ranked #20 of 44), award accepted by Matt Ryan, General Manager of Niello BMW Sacramento and Niello MINI.

After a night of celebration, dealerships from all over the country, and all who were present, were able to return home with a simple idea:

Think Niello

Think Niello

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THINK world class

McCall's Motorworks

McCall’s Motorworks

Maserati of Sacramento, one of the many dealerships operated by The Niello Company, was recently chosen to offer the first North American public viewing of the 2014 Maserati Ghibli at the Gordon McCall’s Motorworks RevivalThe annual McCall’s event, held at the Monterey Jet Center, is one of the most exclusive high-end automobile gatherings in the United States. The Monterey Jet Center features a modern facility that includes over 200,000 square feet of hangar space, 10 acres of prime land, and is located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

Vehicles on display at the Monterey Jet Center

Vehicles on display at the Monterey Jet Center

Niello V.I.P. Event

Niello V.I.P. Event

This served as a prelude to the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, an internationally recognized event that has grown into the top-ranking collector car show in the world. “The Concours is not a contest of speed, but of excellence. Automobiles and motorcycles are judged for their historical accuracy, their technical merit and their style—and the best garner reward and recognition.” (Copyright © 2013 Pebble Beach Company).

We are fortunate to be in such close proximity to this world class gathering. Each year we have the opportunity to host an exclusive event prior to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to celebrate. Last year we were on the beach; this year Niello customers were invited to a private reception at one of the most beautiful restaurants in the region, the Anton & Michel restaurant at the Courtyard of the Fountains.

Courtyard of the Fountains

Courtyard of the Fountains

* Follow the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Monterey Jet Center, and the Anton & Michel restaurant on Facebook. 

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THINK ten years of concours

Beautiful Serrano

Serrano in El Dorado Hills

This October, The Niello Company will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Niello Concours at Serrano by exhibiting some of the most historic vehicles in the world, as well as introduce an astonishing selection of modern luxury automobiles. This event will feature the Marque of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and will celebrate 50 years of Lamborghini and the Porsche 911.

Join us as we celebrate ten years of Concours excellence on October 6th, 2013. Advance tickets will be available for purchase in early September at all Niello dealerships, or online using TicketWeb. Ticket information can also be found on the official Niello Concours at Serrano webpage. We hope to see you there. This event in beautiful El Dorado Hills is one you won’t want to miss.

Motorcars on the green

Motorcars on the green

Tickets will be $35.00 in advance and $45.00 at the gate. Ticket includes parking, shuttle, and an event program. Children 12 and under are admitted at no charge with a paid adult. Tickets will no longer be available online after 3:00pm on October 5th, 2013, but will be available to purchase at the event on Sunday October 6th. The event is open to the public from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Click here for directions.

4525 Serrano Parkway
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

If you are interested in submitting your motorcar for entry in the Niello Concours at Serrano, click here for the 2013 Entry Form.

A portion of the net proceeds from the Niello Concours in Serrano weekend of activities will benefit The Concours Foundation.

Roger, Rick Jr. and Rick Sr.

Left to right: Roger Niello, Richard Niello Sr., Rick Niello Jr..

Since 1921, The Niello Company has associated itself the most exceptional and distinctive automobiles, such as Pierce-Arrow, celebrated at last year’s event. After 92 years of automotive excellence, the company continues to seek out exceptional automobiles and present them in state-of-the-art dealerships. This year, we are delighted to celebrate the Marque of Porsche with the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911. Niello Porsche in Rocklin is the longest owned Porsche dealership in the country, so we are more than thrilled to hold this honor. This is a pinnacle vehicle. As you walk the grounds on Sunday, make sure to stop by the patio area for an impressive display of the Porsche 911, then and now.

* Follow Niello Concours at Serrano on Facebook, or if you would like to be on the mailing list to receive special Niello Concours at Serrano e-mail announcements and hot news updates, join the official Guestbook.

2013 Niello Concours at Serrano

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THINK longevity

Longevity RecognitionThe Niello Company recently hosted the 2013 Longevity Awards at the Sutter Club in downtown Sacramento. Founded in 1889, the Club has survived the Great Depression, both World Wars, and “Stands today as strong as it has ever been and looks to a future bright and as rich as its past.” (copyright 2013, Sutter Club). The phrase “Where history meets the present” is used to describe this organization.

Longevity Award ReceptionThese are appropriate words considering this is where The Niello Company annually meets to recognize employment longevity. Along with the Sutter Club, The Niello Company today stands as strong as it has ever been, and also looks to a promising future. It is for this reason that longevity is appreciated in such highly regarded recognition each year.

Longevity RecognitionLongevity award recipients and their guests were invited to the Sutter Club for an exclusive cocktail reception. Along with Rick Niello, the General Managers for each of The Niello Company dealerships, and members of the Management Company, award recipients celebrating longevity in 5 year increments enjoyed fine food and drink as they mingled, shared stories, and otherwise enjoyed good company.

Longevity RecognitionThis year, over 60 employees were recognized for longevity, ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 35 years of employment. Keep in mind: this is an annual reception. Each year the list of award recipients changes. Each year those celebrating 5 years of employment or longer are recognized. Each year more and more employees are appreciated with such camaraderie for their dedication.

Longevity RecognitionWith nearly 600 employed at The Niello Company, the list of long-term employment is astonishing. “We are in the people business,” Rick Niello is often heard saying. Not only is this true of our customers, but our employees as well. The award is a gold pin with the company logo and number of years  engraved on the front, and below that two gems: rubies for 5 years of employment, sapphires for 10, and then emeralds and diamonds.

Longevity RecognitionThis year, 42 employees were recognized for 5 years of continuous employment, 15 employees for 10 years, 3 employees for 15 years, 3 employees for 20 (Dave Bashaw of Niello MINI, Bradford Clough of BMW Sacramento, Gui Sabate of Niello Porsche), as well as an employee with 25 years (John Fay of BMW Sacramento) and 35 years (Rob Shaw of BMW Sacramento).

This year alone, The Niello Company recognized 525 years of combined dedication.

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THINK evolution

Did you notice the new look of The Niello Company recently updated the core site with a complete redesign and some exciting new features. The first of these is a new vehicle inventory search, directly on the homepage (bottom right), allowing you to search all Niello dealerships for the perfect vehicle. Whether you’re after an Acura, Audi, BMW, FIAT, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, MINI, Porsche, Volkswagen, or any other pre-owned vehicle offered by Niello dealerships, you can search for it in one simple place. Search by make, model, year, or even a price range to find the vehicle that is right for you. As one of the scrolling THINK Niello phrases on the new homepage states: “THINK great place to buy”.

A new social media section (bottom left) will keep you up-to-date with all the Niello happenings. Here you can follow The Niello Company on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and another new outlet, The Niello Company Blog (you’re reading it now). An automated Twitter feed and listing of upcoming Niello events is right on the homepage as well.

Also noteworthy is the addition of Niello FIAT, the newest brand in The Niello Company lineup. Not only did go through a complete makeover, but the Niello FIAT website as well: Check out the new website to see the hottest trend in Italian motors, such as the sporty FIAT 500 Abarth and the impressive 4-door FIAT 500L. You can read more about the acquisition of FIAT in the earlier blog post, THINK Italian.

Remember the THINK not so mini blog post a while back, introducing you to the new Niello MINI home at 3210 Auburn Boulevard opening later this year? To help celebrate this new adventure, the Niello MINI website was redesigned as well: The new site is much easier to use, and most importantly, more fun to navigate.

One of the The Niello Company’s core values is “We embrace change.” Another is “We hold high expectations”. We embrace change willingly when it comes to new technologies to improve the car-buying experience for our customers. And we hold the highest of expectations when representing the vehicles we offer on the ever-changing Internet. Hopefully the new site will do just that.

Before you go, The Niello Company would like to offer you a (somewhat embarrassing) glimpse at the evolution of over the years. Simply scroll down and we’ll take you all the way back to the beginning of December 1996.

April 2013

April 2013

January 2011

January 2011

July 2007

July 2007

August 2006

August 2006

November 2003

November 2003

May 2000

May 2000 (we’re sorry)

November 1998

November 1998

December 1996

December 1996

How’s that for a blast through the past?

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