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Longevity RecognitionThe Niello Company recently hosted the 2013 Longevity Awards at the Sutter Club in downtown Sacramento. Founded in 1889, the Club has survived the Great Depression, both World Wars, and “Stands today as strong as it has ever been and looks to a future bright and as rich as its past.” (copyright 2013, Sutter Club). The phrase “Where history meets the present” is used to describe this organization.

Longevity Award ReceptionThese are appropriate words considering this is where The Niello Company annually meets to recognize employment longevity. Along with the Sutter Club, The Niello Company today stands as strong as it has ever been, and also looks to a promising future. It is for this reason that longevity is appreciated in such highly regarded recognition each year.

Longevity RecognitionLongevity award recipients and their guests were invited to the Sutter Club for an exclusive cocktail reception. Along with Rick Niello, the General Managers for each of The Niello Company dealerships, and members of the Management Company, award recipients celebrating longevity in 5 year increments enjoyed fine food and drink as they mingled, shared stories, and otherwise enjoyed good company.

Longevity RecognitionThis year, over 60 employees were recognized for longevity, ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 35 years of employment. Keep in mind: this is an annual reception. Each year the list of award recipients changes. Each year those celebrating 5 years of employment or longer are recognized. Each year more and more employees are appreciated with such camaraderie for their dedication.

Longevity RecognitionWith nearly 600 employed at The Niello Company, the list of long-term employment is astonishing. “We are in the people business,” Rick Niello is often heard saying. Not only is this true of our customers, but our employees as well. The award is a gold pin with the company logo and number of years  engraved on the front, and below that two gems: rubies for 5 years of employment, sapphires for 10, and then emeralds and diamonds.

Longevity RecognitionThis year, 42 employees were recognized for 5 years of continuous employment, 15 employees for 10 years, 3 employees for 15 years, 3 employees for 20 (Dave Bashaw of Niello MINI, Bradford Clough of BMW Sacramento, Gui Sabate of Niello Porsche), as well as an employee with 25 years (John Fay of BMW Sacramento) and 35 years (Rob Shaw of BMW Sacramento).

This year alone, The Niello Company recognized 525 years of combined dedication.

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