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The Niello Company welcomes Jason Dorsey

The Niello Company welcomes Jason Dorsey to Sacramento

Jason Dorsey, acclaimed Millennials keynote speaker, aka the Gen Y Guy ®, was recently invited to speak in front of The Niello Company at a private engagement held at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Jason Dorsey is known for generation-based problem solving, and most recently his unique research team, The Center for Generational Kinetics, has conducted quantitative and qualitative research uncovering unexpected Millennial behaviors, trends, and new generational truths.

“We believe generations are not a box, but powerful clues that drive measurable results… We discover what works to make the most of every generation—whether customer, influencer or employee—with an emphasis on Millennials and Generation Y. We then explore why a specific strategy or insight works and how you can benefit from that knowledge. The outcome is cutting-edge insight, ready-to-use actions and thought leadership for our clients around the world.” – Jason Dorsey

Jason's selfie tweet with Rick Niello

Jason’s selfie tweet with Rick Niello

The Niello Company first discovered Jason in Chicago at an event where four Niello dealerships placed in the 2014 Automotive News: Best Dealerships to Work For. There, he spoke to the top 100 dealerships in the country about cross-generational communication and bridging generational gaps, from Traditionalists (born pre-1946), to Baby Boomers (1946-1964), to Generation X (1965-1976) and Generation Y (1977-1995, or Millennials), as well as the forthcoming Generation I (those born post-1995).

Generation diverse, The Niello Company employs more than 650 individuals spanning all five generations currently in the workforce. Millennials, or Generation Y (37 years old and younger), compose nearly half of the company structure (49.54%), with Generation X (38-49 years old) at 26.90%, Baby Boomers (50-68 years old) at 22.19%, and Traditionalists (69 years and older) at 1.37%.

@jasondorsey #millennials

@jasondorsey #millennials

Jason’s insightful and often humorous presentation was called “Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations to Grow Your Business” and involved Niello employee interaction throughout. Generation Y himself and “technology-dependent” as he liked to phrase it (not “technology-savvy” as is often misconstrued with his generation, and more of a Generation X trait) he asked the audience to tweet throughout his presentation at @jasondorsey #millennials, and posed for a photo-op for those with smartphones to capture his wittiness and share across social media. Hundreds of phones rose in the air and did just that. For a little over two hours, Jason unlocked generational power within The Niello Company, speaking without a script, without a slideshow, yet able to hold everyone in the theater captivated from beginning to end, with smiles on faces and much laughter.

The Center for Generational Kinetics defines a generation as “a segment of a geographically linked population that experienced similar social and cultural events at roughly the same time in their maturation” with members of the same generation often sharing similar beliefs, priorities, preferences, buying patterns, communication habits, and workplace styles.  Such generational information is key for a company whose core values include “We are a team,” “We embrace change,” “We encourage self-improvement” and “We respect each other.” And with both customer interaction and community involvement held at such a high level at Niello dealerships, the information Jason shared will be put to good use.

After the end of the presentation, Jason thanked the automotive industry in general for helping develop who he was as a person, and for the opportunity to give something back by providing such informative information about generations within The Niello Company workplace. For more information on Jason Dorsey and The Center for Generational Kinetics, follow along on Facebook at, or on Twitter @jasondorsey #millennials.

Niello Selfie

Niello Selfie

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One comment on “THINK generation Y
  1. Suzane Henderson says:

    We were grateful to have been invited to this amazing presentation. Learned so much about Millennials and how they will impact future ways we interact and communicate. Jason kept us engaged for a solid two hours with his entertaining and intelligent perspectives, all of which were supported by research. Really eye-opening for us Baby Boomers! -Suzane & Bob Henderson

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